ANZBMS Committees

Annual Scientific Meeting Committee

The role of the POC is to drive the scientific content of the annual scientific meeting with the aim to provide an engaging and informative conference for our members to share emerging ideas and data and provide opportunities to develop collaborations. The POC represents the diverse fields and locations of the society’s members.
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Clinical Practice Committee

The Clinical Practice Committee has the mission to engage with other Scientific Societies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Professional Colleges (eg RACP) sharing similar interests to promote high quality research, strong scholarship and professional development in areas directly, or to some extent, associated with bone and mineral metabolism and musculoskeletal diseases.

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Communications Committee

The purpose of the ANZBMS Communications Committee is to oversee the delivery of information among members of the ANZBMS and between ANZBMS council and members of the society.
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Clinical Imaging Committee

Reporting to ANZBMS Council, the purpose of the ANZBMS Clinical Imaging Committee is to provide input to Council on matters related to the following activities:

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Early Career Investigator Committee (ECIC)

The mission of the Early Career Investigator Committee (ECIC) is to help shape the future of bone and mineral research in Australia and New Zealand by fostering active engagement of early career investigators within the ANZBMS, supporting professional development of early career investigators and facilitating interactions between junior and senior members of all disciplines.
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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a standing committee of the ANZBMS Council appointed by Council to assist it in the conduct of its business by providing advice to the ANZBMS Council both on the Society’s financial performance in the current year and the financial implication of any future plans.
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Meetings Committee

The purpose of the ANZBMS Meetings Committee is to support ANZBMS Council in developing and delivering ANZBMS-supported meetings.
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Research Committee

The ANZBMS Research Committee aims to recognize research accomplishments by the society’s members, to promote bone and mineral-related research, education, and clinical policies, and to support other committees’ efforts to advance ANZBMS policy positions.
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Therapeutics Committee

The Therapeutics Committee advises ANZBMS council on strategic management and specific issues relating to bone and mineral diseases’ diagnosis and management including dietary, physical, pharmacological and surgical therapies. 
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Liaison Representatives with Other Societies

ANZORS - Egon Perelli
ASBMR - Peter Ebeling
Adult Medicine Division Council - Gustavo Duque 
Exercise and Sports Science Australia - Robin Daly
IFMRS - Mark Forwood
IFMRS Global Future Leaders Core Group - Sabashini Ramchand
JSBMR - Natalie Sims
IOF - Natalie Sims
Matrix Biology - Rebecca Mason
MEPSA - Rebecca Mason
Healthy Bones Australia (Formerly Osteoporosis Australia) - Rebecca Mason
Osteoporosis New Zealand - Jillian Cornish

Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP)

Chair of the Advanced Training Committee - Mark Cooper

ANZBMS Representative on the Advanced Training Committee - Cherie Chiang