Communications Committee

The purpose of the ANZBMS Communications Committee is to oversee the delivery of information among members of the ANZBMS and between ANZBMS council and members of the society.

This committee is charged to:

Committee Members:

Chair: Melissa Cantley
Sarah Hosking
Renee Ormsby
Jiao Jiao Li
Kara Anderson
Rouha Granfar 
Mark Cooper ANZBMS Honorary Secretary, Clinical Practice Committee Representative
Ivone Johnson ANZBMS Secretariat
Madhuni Herath ANZBMS Newsletter Editor in Chief
David Kim Clinical Practice Committee Representative
Weiwen Chen Densitometry Committee Representative
to be confirmed ECIC Committee Representative 
Rob Blank Research Committee Representative
Richard Prince Therapeutics Committee Representative


Communications committee Terms of Reference

ANZBMS Newsletter Editorial Board Terms of Reference

ANZBMS Social Media Editor Terms of Reference