General Expectations of ANZBMS Members and Employees:

 Members and employees are responsible for their own behaviour and are expected to conduct themselves in the following manner with regard to Society activities:

In the case of an alleged breach of the Code(s) of Conduct, the Society will apply the principles of procedural fairness when investigating a complaint. If an allegation is found to be proven, in serious cases members may have their membership and/or affiliation terminated.

Codes of Conduct

Download ANZBMS Codes of Conduct (2022)

Confinct of Interest

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

The Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society (ANZBMS) operates in a diverse national and global community. ANZBMS values diversity in its leaders, members, staff and partnerships. To ensure that all members and our staff are provided with a supportive and productive environment that promotes innovation, and so that the quality and depth of the Society’s endeavours and leadership are maximised, we seek to actively support and promote participation from under-represented groups in Society activities and committees. ANZBMS is committed to achieving gender equity in all ANZBMS activities and awards, and particularly promote involvement of women in leadership. This Policy, in conjunction with the ANZBMS Codes of Conduct, explicitly communicates ANZBMS’s commitment to a positive and inclusive professional culture. 

Provision of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

ANZBMS undertakes to promote and support diversity and inclusion in all its activities through the following:

ANZBMS Council is accountable for developing and implementing equal opportunity policies, practices, and programs that promote equitable opportunities for all members and staff, and is accountable for addressing disadvantage experienced by identified groups within the Society;

ANZBMS Council shall review all Committee nominations and appointments to ensure consideration of equity, diversity and inclusion in final appointment decisions;

ANZBMS Council shall support proactive measures to achieve gender parity and promote inclusion/recognition of minority/disadvantaged groups in all ANZBMS speaker invitations and award nominations;

ANZBMS Council and associated Sub-Committees are committed to providing work and meeting environments that are inclusive of all individuals, characterised by respect, and are safe for all members and staff, including being free from all forms of discrimination and harassment;

ANZBMS is committed to influencing positive change in equity, diversity and inclusion matters in academic research and the health sector;

ANZBMS Counil commits to reviewing and considering equity and inclusion practices of affiliated/external partners in ANZBMS’ current and future engagement in partnerships and investment strategies;

ANZBMS values the unique status of First Nations peoples as the original owners and custodians of lands and waters of our Countries. The Society makes a commitment to work together in a spirit of reconciliation. ANZBMS commits to respecting and embracing First Peoples culture at the Annual Scientific meeting including acknowledging the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and New Zealand and recognising their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. ANZBMS also recognises the importance of closing the Indigenous health gap by including relevant research at the Annual Scientific meeting and through relevant Committee activities.

Interaction with Industry

Download ANZBMS Interaction with Industry (2022)

ANZBMS is the peak body in Australia representing scientists and clinicians working in the field of bone and mineral metabolism. As a consequence, ANZBMS works with a range of stakeholders, including industry. Our interactions with industry can be multi-faceted and include, but are not limited to, industry seeking advice and support from ANZBMS and ANZBMS seeing support from industry to help the activities of the society. These interactions could create potential, perceived, or actual conflicts of interest. To manage this, ANZBMS seeks to ensure clarity around our relationship with industry:  

A.        ANZBMS may seek corporate support for educational initiatives that support the Society’s mission and goals, including the ANZBMS Annual Meeting, grants and awards, other meetingsthe ANZBMS websites and newsletters.
B.        Pharmaceutical companies and other industry partners (e.g. manufacturers of supplements, devices) must comply with their industry relevant code of conduct, and where this does not exist any conflict of interest must be publicly declared.
C.        ANZBMS will not make exceptions to its policies for corporate supporters or other groups/individuals.
D.       ANZBMS acknowledges industry support through the common practices adopted by other not-for-profit groups and government: signage and slides at meetings, in writing in its programs, advertisements, newsletters and on its website, and with plaques presented at the annual social event.

Annual and Other Meetings

E.        No single company may be sole sponsor of the entire ANZBMS Annual Scientific Meeting.
F.         The ANZBMS is the sole sponsor of all its Official Program scientific sessions at its Annual Scientific Meeting, except joint symposia, which are organized with other groups. When the ANZBMS partners with another organization or government entity (e.g., in the case of a joint symposium at the ANZBMS Annual Meeting or another meeting), the two (or more) entities co‐plan the event and co‐select the speakers and topics.
G.       The ANZBMS Annual Meeting Official Program does not include Industry‐Supported Symposia and Working Groups, which are part of the Ancillary Program. These sessions are held in conjunction with the ANZBMS Annual Meeting, planned independent of the ANZBMS and can only be advertised using this language.
H.       Programs and speakers for the Ancillary Program events are selected by their respective organizers and must be approved by the ANZBMS Program Organising Committee.
I.          All Industry‐Supported Symposia – like all Official Program sessions – must comply with the relevant industrial codes of conduct (e.g. from Medicines Australia and Medicines New Zealand).

Approved 7 September 2021