Any individual who has a major and continuing interest in the field of bone and mineral metabolism is eligible for membership. The Society currently has 480 members, and new members are always welcome.

Annual Membership Fees

 Full members $191.00
 Overseas members $172.00
 Student members $66.00
 Overseas Student members $60.50
 3 years for Retired members $48.00

Memberships run for 12 months.
The above amounts include a 10% GST where applicable.
A motion was put up at the 2017 AGM to increase subscription fees over the next 5 years by no more than 10% per year. The changes are in line with the fees of other societies, and the motion was accepted by members.

How to Join

You can submit your membership application using our online membership application form.

Once submitted your application will be processed and then approved.

Advantages of Membership to the ANZBMS

  • Benefits of being a financial member of ANZBMS

    • Being a member of the community of clinical and experimental scientists and physicians actively involved in the study of bone and mineral metabolism in Australia and New Zealand
    • Attendance at the Society meetings at substantially reduced rates (including the Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Densitometry Courses)
    • Full membership status of IBMS (benefits listed below)
    • Reduced rates for journal Osteoporosis International
    • Access to ANZBMS Grants and Awards: Gap fellowships, national and international travel awards (including the Christine and T. Jack Martin research travel grant), young investigator awards (including the Roger Melick and the Christine, Margie Nordin awards and Amgen-ANZBMS Outstanding Abstract Award), and awards for clinical and research excellence (including the Sol Posen, Kaye Ibbertson, MSD-ANZBMS Clinical Research Excellence Award and Professor Phil Sambrook awards)
    • Access to ANZBMS Resources on line
    • Regular newsletters featuring items of interest to ANZBMS members (including job opportunities, scholarships, and grant opportunities)
    • Opportunity to serve on committees of the ANZBMS (Council, finance, professional affairs, research, and therapeutics committees, and the Programme organising committee and local organising committee for the ASM)

    Financial members of ANZBMS are provided with IBMS full membership status. This includes:

    • Free access to BoneKEy Reports via the IBMS website.
    • Access to member only areas of BoneKEY (this is not provided by institutional library access).
    • Voting and committee rights for IBMS
    • Discounts at IBMS meetings (Sun Valley, joint meetings, workshops and Cancer Induced Bone Disease meetings).
    • Eligibility for IBMS awards – travel, Fellowships (Rodan and Gregory R. Mundy) and IBMS Awards.
    • Discounts on “open-access”