Christine and T. Jack Martin Research Travel Grant

The aim of Christine and T J Martin Research Travel Grant is to facilitate travel to undertake bone and mineral research in any aspect of basic or clinical science. The award will be assessed based on merit and funded with consideration of the proposed budget. The major purpose of the travel has been to complete a substantially justified cooperative project, or acquisition of expertise in a particular technique or techniques. These should result in publishable outcomes, facilitate progress or completion of a higher degree, provide preliminary data for applications to major granting bodies or service to the bone and mineral community.


Since international travel remained unavailable due to the COVID19 pandemic, no applications for the grant were received in 2021. ANZBMS Council, with the advice of the ANZBMS Research Committee, and approval of Amgen Australia (who provided funds for the award), has repurposed these monies to uphold the aim of the Travel Fund by providing ANZBMS members the opportunity to apply for funding to support them, in 2022, to:


  • Participate in online training courses to acquire new expertise, or
  • Travel within Australia and New Zealand to acquire new expertise, or work on a substantially justified cooperative project.


Applications to fund attendance at face-to-face or online conferences that do not include training in a specific expertise (e.g. ECTS, ASBMR annual scientific meetings) will not be considered.


ANZBMS Council now invites applications from all members of the society to this fund. Applications should outline the use of the funds up to a maximum of $1,000 for the above listed purposes, as outlined in the Application form.


Eligibility Criteria

Any financial member of the ANZBMS with continuous membership for 12 months, or more, is eligible, except for current members of Council who are ineligible. Preference will be given to higher degree students and members within 15 years of completing higher degree (PhD/Masters) excluding career disruptions. Applicants should complete the online form to apply.


The ANZBMS Research Committee will assess and rank applications and fund those projects of sufficient quality for use of the funds. Notification of the awarding of the grants will be made by email by April 1st 2022, and publicised to all members through the ANZBMS Newsletter.

Award Amount

Up to $1,000 AUD

Application Deadline

12 March 2022

To Apply for this Grant

  • Return the Application form and required documents to the ANZBMS Secretariat -
  • The application should include a research proposal, a proposed budget, and a brief curriculum vitae  - see instructions attached to application form for details.

ANZBMS gratefully acknowledges sponsorship of this grant provided by:

Christine and Prof TJ Martin

Past Recipients

2019 for 2020

Sabashini Ramchand



2018 for 2019

Thao Ho-Le



2017 for 2018
Alexander Rodriguez


2016 for 2017
Audrey Chan

2015 for 2016
Christina Vrahnas

2014 for 2015
Michelle McDonald

2013 for 2014
Yohann Bala

2012 for 2013
Ashika Chhana 

2011 for 2012:
Julie Quach
 Report 65KB)

2010 for 2011:
Garry Williams 
 Report (189KB)

2009 for 2010:
Bich Tran

2008 for 2009:
Roger Zebaze 
 Report (125KB)

2007 for 2008:
Brya Matthews
Report (22KB)

2006 for 2007:
Mark Forwood
Report (175KB)

2005 for 2006:
Susan Allison 
Report (33KB)

2004 for 2005:
Kerrie Sanders
Report (33KB)

2003 for 2004
Vicky Kartsogiannis
Report (71KB)

2002 for 2003:
Catherine Middleton-Hardie 
Report (18KB)