Congratulations to ANZBMS members awarded the ASBMR Young Investigator Awards for Virtual Ph.D. Training

Congratulations to ANZBMS members Jason Talevski (University of Melbourne), Jack Feehan (University of Melbourne), Almed Al Saedi (University of Melbourne) and Lena Batoon (University of Queensland) who are recipients of the 2020 ASBMR Young Investigator Awards for the ECTS Digital Ph.D. Trainee Course. 

These awards covered the registration costs for ASBMR young investigators to participate in the ECTS and GEMSTONE COST-Action Digital Masterclass for Ph.D. Students, Trainees, and Young Investigators (within 7 years post-PhD) held this past week. The course promoted general knowledge of bone research to young investigators featuring workshops, and offered attendees interactive workshops, mentoring sessions, and presentation opportunities with feedback.




Publication Date : 30 June 2020