NHMRC Targeted Calls for Research - Frailty in Hospital Care

NHMRC Targeted Calls for Research - Forthcoming Round Openings

The NHMRC will shortly be calling for proposals for three Targeted Calls for Research (TCR):

1. Targeted Call for Research into Frailty in Hospital Care: Complex Health Needs

This Targeted Call for Research (TCR) aims to encourage research that addresses how frail persons can be supported to avoid hospitalisations, receive optimal care when admitted, and achieve the best health recovery outcomes, through integrated and coordinated in- and post-hospital interventions.

Proposals open in Research Grants Management System (RGMS): 31 October 2018

Minimum data requirements in RGMS: 16 January 2019

Applications due to UQR&I: 16 January 2019

Applications close with NHMRC: 30 January 2019

The TCR specific Funding Rules are available from Grant Connect; additional documentation will be released on grant opening. Teams are reminded that it is advisable that the ‘core team’ be finalised by the minimum data deadline as the NHMRC has previously advised that the Core team/CI team is not able to be changed after this date

Minimum data for TCRs consists of the following

General – Application Information: You must complete fields for: Administering Institution; Application Title; Synopsis and Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Research (yes/no) and Consent to provide information to International Assessors

A-RC Research Classification

A-RT Research Team and Commitment (core team with other members listed as TBA if not yet known)

Publication Date : 26 October 2018