Bridging Overseas Networking and Exchange (B.O.N.E) Program


The Bridging Overseas Networking and Exchange (B.O.N.E) Program is an ANZBMS Early Career Investigator Committee (ECIC) initiative, established in 2018, to address the limited opportunity and funds for invited presentations for early career investigators (ECI) in the musculoskeletal field. This program will boost ECIs track records, increase their exposure, provide travel support, and facilitate international networking and collaboration – together enabling more competitive track records for future funding opportunities.

The ECIC aims to collaborate with 1-2 international societies every year for this program. Each year, the respective societies will nominate five outstanding ECIs who are members of their respective societies. These names will then be passed on to the Program Organising Committee (POC) Chairs of the collaborating society. The ANZBMS Program Organising Committee (POC) will invite one ECI from the collaborating society as an invited speaker at the annual scientific meeting. In a reciprocal agreement, that society's POC will select and invite one ANZBMS ECI to their annual scientific meeting as an invited speaker. As an invited speaker at the respective annual scientific meeting, the ECI will also have the opportunity to co-chair one or more sessions and get involved in other networking activities.


Eligibility Criteria

The candidate must:


Post Award Requirements


 The invited ECI will receive*:

- free ASM registration.

- free tickets to the social functions at the ASM.

- up to $2,500 AUD for travel expenses (flights and accommodation).

*This will be paid/organised by the Society that has invited the ECI.

Nominations for this award are made by senior ANZBMS members in January of each year. Nominated applications will then be asked via for a brief CV for Council approval prior to be sent onto the POC of the collaborating society.


Past Exchanges

2023 Michaela Tencerova (ECTS), Lama Alabdulaaly (ASBMR), Dzenita Muratovic (attended ECTS), Ngoc Josie Huynh (attended ASBMR)

2022 Timo Damm (ASBMR), Monika Frysz (BRS), Marc Sim (attended BRS), Dima A Alajilouni (attended ASBMR)

2020 Kylie Alexander (attended JSBMR)

2019 Michelle McDonald (attended JSBMR)


ASBMR 2023, Vancouver, Canada

Josie Huynh attended ASBMR 2023 in Vancouver, Canada as part of the B.O.N.E Exchange program. 

"I want to thank you for the ANZBMS 2023 B.O.N.E Award. I felt very thankful and honored to receive the award. The award not only provided financial support to cover a portion of my travel expenses but also helped me have a peace to mind to fully focus on the conference activities and make meaningful contributions. I'm proud to represent ANZBMS at this global event. I had the chance to present my research through an oral presentation, poster, and as a session moderator. Sharing my work with experts from around the world was invaluable."
ECTS 2023, Liverpool, England
Dzenita Muratovic attended the ECTS in Liverpool, England as part of the B.O.N.E Exchange program.
"I would like to express my gratitude to ANZBMS and ANZBMS Early Career Investigator Committee for choosing me to represent ANZBMS at the ECTS conference in Liverpool. Also, I would like to thank ECTS Academy for its warm welcome and hospitality. This was my first time attending an ECTS meeting in person and I was presently surprised by both organisation and the great science. Particularly, I have enjoyed a number of workshops that covered a broad range of technical topics. I might sound biased, but one of the best was “Bone at single-cell resolution” delivered by Dr. Ryan Chai, Garvan Institute of Medical Research."