Grants and Awards
Amgen-ANZBMS Outstanding Abstract Award

The Council of ANZBMS wishes to recognise the high standard of bone and mineral research presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting. The Program Organising Committee will award aprize of $1000(AUD) to the abstract receiving the highest score.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant must be a financial member of ANZBMS at the time of the application.
  • The applicant must have made a substantial contribution to the work and be first and presenting author of the paper to be delivered at the ANZBMS 2018 Scientific Meeting.
  • Applicants eligible for a Young Investigator Award may also apply for an Outstanding Abstract Award.


The Program Organising Committee will award five prizes of $1000 (AUD) to the abstract receiving the highest score.

Award Amount

$1000 (AUD)

Application Deadline

1 June 2018

Becoming an ANZBMS member

If you are not currently an ANZBMS member you must apply for ANZBMS membership by 1 June 2018 to be eligible for this award. Membership information and application form can be found in theMembership section of this website.

Applying for this grant

Apply online when submitting your abstract at:

Past recipients:

Victoria D Leitch
Emma M Wade

Michelle M McDonald

Ego Seeman

Nicola Lee
Steven Watson
Emma Wlaker
Natalie Hyde
Michelle McDonald

Michelle McDonald
Allison Pettit
Audrey Chan
Le Phong Thao Ho
Ayano Nakayama

Allison Pettit
Paul Baldock
Jinwen Tu
Roger Zebaze
Kirtan Ganda


Peter Ebeling
Rossana Candiota Nogueira
Simon Junankar
Narelle McGregor
Jinwen Tu


Clinical: Ego Seeman
Basic: Rachelle Johnson
Runner Up : Yasuhiro Kobayashi

Clinical: Ian Reid
Basic: Asiri Wijenayaka

Clinical: Marcus Seibel
Basic: Emma Walker
Iris Wong 
Runner-up poster: Sarah Brennan
Runner-up Young Investigator: Jasreen Kular
Honorable mention Young investigator: Hugh Zhang

Vicky Katsiogiannis from Prince Henry’s Institute, VIC
Nguyen Nguyen Garvan Institute of Medical Reasearch

Robert Kalak
Abstract (82KB)
Andrew Grey
Abstract (92KB)

Colin Dunstan
Abstract (17KB)
Richard Prince
Abstract (47KB) 
Maria Chiu
Abstract (19KB)
Natalie Sims
Abstract (17KB)
Paul Baldock
Abstract (25KB)

Yosuke Kawasaki
Abstract (93KB)
Julie Kuliwaba
Abstract (66KB) 
Stella Foley
Abstract (28KB) 
Dana Bliuc
Abstract (73KB) 
Jonathan Gooi
Abstract (66KB)

Markus Seibel
High bone turnover predicts mortality in the frail elderly: a prospective cohort study.
Julian Quinn
IL-11 and Il-6 stimulation of osteoclast formation depends on STAT-but not ERK-mediated pathways in osteoblasts

Christine Rodda
Ethnic differences in effect of calcium supplementation on bone density in peripubertal girls in a double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized trial
Roger Zebaze
The femoral neck is ellipsoid. Assumption of circularity introduces errors in FN volume, volumetric bone mineral density and bone strength

Rob Will
Intravenous pamidronate or oral aledronate for the treatment of Paget's disease of the Bone: results of a randomised controlled trial
Amanda Devine
Effects of habitual calcium intake and physical activity on bone mass in elderly women