ANZBMS Osteoporosis 3-Part Webinar Series 2023

The ANZBMS will be holding a 3-part series on osteoporosis therapies, presented over Zoom, throughout 2023.

A panel of experts will discuss biologic considerations, clinical trials and real-world cases demonstrating key aspects of osteoporosis treatment including: 

  1. Initiating Osteoporosis Therapies - May 10
  2. Sequencing Osteoporosis Therapies - Aug 2
  3. Planning Safe Anti-resorptive Drug Intermissions - September 13

Presentations will be clinically focussed, pragmatic and interactive. 

This series is ideal for any specialist seeking an up-to-date revision in osteoporosis therapies. Physicians  from several disciplines including endocrinology, nephrology, rheumatology, rehabilitation and geriatric medicine are invited to attend. 

Members of the ANZBMS will have free access to this series but are required to register (see below). 

Non-members are invited to join the society or register for $100 for all 3 sessions inclusive.  

Further information with program schedule and speakers to follow.

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