ANZBMS Clinical Densitometry Course

2021 Courses

18-18 September 2021 – Virtual

General Information

  • This two day lecture & workshop clinical densitometry course is intended for both medical practitioners and technologists. It covers the patho-physiology of osteoporosis, as well as the principles and practice of bone density and body composition measurement
  • An online multiple choice examination will be held two weeks after completion of the lecture/workshop series
  • Upon completion of the course and achievement of a pass mark in the examination, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion in Clinical Bone Densitometry
  • Radiation protection authorities in most Australian states, with the exception of SA, have accepted the course as meeting their requirements for DXA operator licensing
    • South Australian non-radiographer residents requiring a DXA operator licence must sit an examination at the SA EPA
  • The course is normally held twice each year with additional courses scheduled more regularly if demand is strong

Registration and Cost:

Registration Fee

ANZBMS Members $590
Non-members $650

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Cost includes

  • a copy of the course reading material and slide handouts will be made available online at least 4 weeks before the course
  • Hardcopies are not available, but course participants may print the material for their own use
  • examination fee

Course Details and Structure
You should consider the course if:

  • You have a tertiary education in a science based course, including nursing, and you have not previously received formal training in bone densitometry
  • You are currently a DXA operator who has not undertaken formal training or who is seeking an advanced update of their work practices
  • You are a medical specialist, or specialist imaging registrar in training, with responsibility for bone density testing and are seeking a deeper knowledge of the technological and quality assurance aspects of bone densitometry measurements and reporting. The course is not specifically aimed at non-imaging specialists or registrars in training

Participants will attend an online two day lecture & workshop series, which will include a number of interactive sessions

Lectures are held on-line each morning of the course via Zoom:

  • These are NOT recorded but slides will be made available as PDF and MP4 files after the course is completed
  • Course notes and slide handouts are provided on course registration
  • Workshops will use Zoom rooms and AWS virtual machines
  • There will be 4 workshops providing hands on experience with DXA software and are  manufacturer specific (GE-Lunar, Hologic, Medilink) and doctor
    • On registration ensure you accurately inform us 
      • which DXA manufacturer you are using
      • if you are a clinical user, researcher or doctor
    • doctors
      • must nominate one DXA manufacturer and will be shown the use of both GE-Lunar and Hologic software
      • will have access to a virtual DXA device of the manufacturer they nominate

Workshops are held each afternoon of the course

  • each workshop is facilitated by experienced DXA users
  • facilitators take registrants through the use of the software,  scanning and analysis techniques including management of technical issues
  • workshops provide hands on experience with the chosen manufacturer you will require
  • a computer with
    • a fast internet connection
    • operating system Windows (7 to 10) or Mac OSX (High Sierra or greater) for the AWS VPN client
      • One-off administrator rights on the computer used for the virtual machine are required to install the VPN client software
    • speakers and microphone for Zoom - a camera is optional
    • ideally two screens (or wide screen) for simultaneous AWS VM and Zoom lecture to allow you to try the demonstrated steps

Course Brochure Download course brochure

Julie Briody

Denise Brookes

Weiwen Chen

Alison Evans

Ali Ghasemzadeh

Susan Harvey

Michael Hooper

Patricia Linnenlucke

Nick Pocock

Roger Price

Chris Schultz

Kathy Zhu

ANZBMS Clinical Densitometry Course Accreditation Process

On successful completion of the course and examination, technologists may apply for accreditation. This process tests your understanding of DXA acquisition principles and DXA Quality Control procedures with submission of scans. Accreditation is unrelated too and is not required to obtain a DXA license.