ANZBMS Medical Registrar Bone Densitometry Course


2016 Courses

25 June 2016


Training courses for medical practitioners in registrar training

This clinical densitometry course is intended for medical practitioners undergoing endocrine or other advanced training. It covers the basic pathophysiology of osteoporosis, as well as the principles and practice of bone density, using DXA and other modalities, and body composition measurement. It satisfies the requirements of  the Joint Specialist Advisory Committee (JSAC) in Endocrinology but is not sufficient to obtain a license to operate a DXA scanner.

The course is not sufficient in itself to obtain a DXA licence.

You should consider this course if:

•       You are a medical specialist registrar in training, and require a deeper knowledge of the theory, technological and quality assurance aspects of bone densitometry measurements and reports.

Course structure:

•     Participants are provided with pdf lecture series prior to the course.

•      Attendance at the course satisfies the requirements of  the Joint Specialist Advisory Committee (JSAC) in Endocrinology.

Dates and Venue

St Vincent's Hospital,
Victoria Parade, 
VIC 3065


  • Early bird $330 (online), $355 (mail/fax)
  • Late: $385

Closing Dates

  • Early Bird 24 May 2016
  • Late 17 June 2016


Nick Pocock
Chris Schultz
Weiwen Chen